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Bali travels warning

Bali Wanings Travel

Bali Wanings Travel 1024x576 Bali travels warning


Bali Island is a paradise for tourists to travel . Bali is an island with a unique culture and beaches. Before traveled to Bali there are things – things to consider before. Okay this time Wego Indonesia will discuss it :
Bali is an island with the rules of international tourism management so do not forget to complete the paperwork and always carry your documents  as sudden raids often held there.


The second is that you should not forget is to always carry cash, because in Bali own machine cash withdrawals (ATM) for in remote areas is still sparse. so do not get the time you want to do the transaction, but you do not have any money.


The third is always respected all religious rituals there, so do not ever precede the procession group – religious procession. because religion and culture is highly valued there. Nikamtilah if it finds procession – religious procession there because the show was definitely very unique.


The fourth is to never visit or go to places that are banned in Bali, for there the place – a place that is prohibited in respect.


So  things to consider when traveling in Bali. By following the rules that are set then you will travel more comfortable and more memorable. Do not forget to read also the article about the island of Aceh.


What things to do in Jakarta


mandarin oriental jakarta What things to do in Jakarta


what a thing to do in Jakarta?  okay we’ll tell you what would you do if you are visiting Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, the central government of Indonesia. breadth is not too large, and  jakarta is representative of the entire face in Indonesia. you can do anything dijakarta because Jakarta is the most complete city.



The National Monument 687x1024 What things to do in Jakarta

Tourist attractions in Jakarta

Monas ( national monument )

Monas or National Monument is an icon of the Jakarta . Located in the center of the city, became a tourist and educational center that appeals to people in Jakarta and surrounding areas. Monument was established in 1959 and unveiled two years later in 1961 Monas is always crowded by tourists to see the beauty of the city from the top of the monument, adding insight into the history of Indonesia in the diorama room or enjoy the fresh forest town of approximately 80 acres in the city center of Jakarta .
Every holiday, Monas is always visited by many tourists. Here you can enjoy many kinds of tours and educational materials. You can climb the towering monument to the top of the monument. You can also exercise with friends and family. You can also enjoy a beautiful garden with a variety of lush trees and beautiful. Or you can enjoy the exciting entertainment fountain.

Batavia in Jakarta

Old Batavia or often known as the Old Town is a tourist place in Jakarta full of exotic and educational. This is the right place for the lovers of photography. With the background of a row of old relics of the colonial era buildings, you will feel like back in the past. Region which has an area of about 1.3 km2 has a museum as one of the places that a full education. You can spend time in the Old City while enjoying the atmosphere of the past by staying in several hotels around the Old City.

Thank you for read my blog, So many beautiful place in Indonesia  share to you .

1. Ubud bali  

2.  Bali 


Ubud Bali

Ubud Bali

img head index Ubud Bali


Ubud is one of good place destination in Bali . The location in Gianyar district of Bali province. Ubud is very popular with nature in the island of Bali. life in ubud not far from art ,  and the artistic heart of Bali.

If you want to go in Ubud, their journey is far from kuta bali. but that much it will pay off with a natural beauty that is different from Kuta. The matching city  nature and art. distance of about 4-5 hours away by land vehicles. There are also very many inns and villas like in Kuta.


Ubud tourist destination :

1. Monkey Forest

2. Nyuh Kuning Village

3. goa gajah temple

4. Pura Kehen


So it is not just a tourist in Kuta, a lot of places are very beautiful when visiting Bali.  Dont  forget continue to read as a reference wego Indonesia to trafel in indonesia. We will discuss the place – in ubud bali tourist spot in another post.

Dont forget to read about the unique in the region of Yogyakarta


Palace Yogyakarta Tourism

keraton (1)

The Palace Yogyakarta Tourism , known as the Keraton (also spelled kraton or karaton), is a grand complex that was meticulously planned to reflect  the Javanese cosmos. P alace Yogyakarta is home of King Yogya,The building is very shows the character of the Java people.

keraton 1 Palace Yogyakarta Tourism

The location of palace Yogyakarta in downtown of  Yogykarta. In this place we can know about history of mataram kingdom and king of mataram. So many historical heritage in there, like horse-drawn carriage ,java musical instrument , java  clothes , weapon , cworn and so many.

keraton 7 Palace Yogyakarta Tourism

keraton 3 Palace Yogyakarta Tourism

Then, if you come in Yogyakarta palace you must be polite and forbidden to touch the thing of palace  to save preserving the relics of thing of java.






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Moyo Island


Moyo Island is beatifull place to get a diving. The location is in Sumbawa provinces of Nusa Tenggara Barat indonesia. Its a little land but have so many beauty of the sea.


We can come in this land by flight from bali to Nusa Tenggara Barat with international airport in Sultan Kaharuddin . Then you can come in Moyo Island use a little ship or come to hotel in Nusa Tenggara Barat and use a hotel to guide in Moyo island.



photo moyo 1 Moyo Island

photo moyo 4 Moyo Island

photo moyo 3 Moyo Island

photo moyo 2 Moyo Island

What we can in Moyo island ?  So many thing we can do. The popular is Diving because so many beach very clean and the water is transparent. So its make diver spoil to come again in pulau moyo. Its same beatifull place like Bali island .


if want to get experince in Indonesia like Yogyakarta


Bali Indonesia Travel

Bali Indonesia

79315 20131120054447 Bali Indonesia Travel


79315 20131120053811 Bali Indonesia Travel


79315 20131120053525 Bali Indonesia Travel


79315 20131120052110 Bali Indonesia Travel


79315 20131120051937 Bali Indonesia Travel



Bali is a very famous island in Indonesia. Island of the gods at such speed that by the Indonesian people.

Island highly preferred by foreign tourists, and is the number-one destination on the Indonesian tourist island.

Island with cultural and natural elements of a highly conserved, there are many tourist attractions of the coast mountains there.
The web is going to discuss in detail, then do not forget always to visit the next post.


Festival Indonesia, Downtown Walk 2014


Regulerband Schedule SMS DTW big732 Festival Indonesia, Downtown Walk 2014



Summarecon Mall Serpong, this year held back Downtown Walk Festival held in May 2014. This Festival is a music festival that is packed with a variety of themes and bring top artists. And this year brings the concept of an outdoor concert to entertain the music lovers; the festival will take place in the area of ​​the Downtown Walk, Summarecon Mal Serpong, Sentra Gading Serpong, Jl. Boulevard Gading Serpong, Tangerang.

The Downtown Walk is one area of Summarecon Mal Serpong pride because it has a unique concept. This open area is designed with alfresco dining, and has become a tourist destination for Indonesian pride.

And at this time, the theme combines Pop Reage and Orchestra.

For further information, please contact:

Agung Tbk PT Summarecon
Tel.: 021 5460 888
Fax: 021 547 5500
Email: pr_malserpong@summarecon.com
Website: wwww.malserpong.com
Facebook: Summarecon Mal Serpong
Twitter: @ SMS_Serpong


Festival Indonesia Legu Gam Ternate

Sultan dan Ratu Ternate

Sultan dan Ratu Ternate  Festival Indonesia Legu Gam Ternate



Legu  Gam is festival to celebrated birthday of sultan of Ternate, Maluku, Indonesia.  The event start at 13 April until 24 April 2014 . People from all over the island –and beyond- will gather at the Kedaton or the Palace of the Sultan of Ternate and participate in many kinds of traditional art and cultural performances.  Literally translated as the people’s fiesta, Legu Gam is a tradition of the people of North Maluku which illustrates the unity between the royal family and the common people. The symbol of the festival is obviously the Legu Dance, a royal dance which is traditionally performed only at official events in the presence of the Sultan.

If in previous years the festival started in late March or early April, this year Legu Gam Festival will commence on 13th April on the anniversary of the Sultan of Ternate, Mudaffar Sjah. After the opening ceremony, the ritual ceremonies and cultural festivals, as well as the fair and exhibitions will last until 27th April 2014.

One of the highlights of the festival is the Fere Kie ritual which will be conducted on the summit of Mount Gamalama where the royal family prays for protection and salvation for the islands and the country in general. Another fascinating feature of the festival is the Festival Baramasuen 100 Bambu Gila, or the festival of the 100 crazy bamboo dancers. The Bambu Gila orthe Crazy Bamboo dance is an art form unique to the Moluccas,  where, despite being held by 7 persons, the Bamboo pole moves and dances on its own accord as if by some supernatural power, forcing its bearers to follow its movements.  At its culmination, the Bamboo moves wildly and can only be tamed by a shaman, who possesses mystical powers.



Inacraft 2014


inacraft2014 Inacraft 2014


This year INACRAFT 2014 again present , and will be held at the Jakarta Convention Center on 23-27 April 2014 . Prestigious event will take on the theme , ” From Smart Village to Global Market ” . INACRAFT is one of the most comprehensive exhibition of handicrafts in Indonesia and also an excellent promotion of local craft products archipelago .

This activity aims to develop the creative economy products in order to improve the quality of Indonesian handicraft exports . National craft itself can be one of the alternative sources to support the Indonesian economy in the era of global free trade .

INACRAFT are held regularly every year has become an icon of Indonesian handicraft products exhibition and the annual agenda of the government is consistent in developing creative promotional products archipelago of quantity and quality aspects .

INACRAFT expected to show the existence and compatibility of Indonesian craft creative industries to the international community in the competitive market of similar products in the world . During this time , Indonesian handicraft industry is starting to show its potential which is evident from the increasing number of local artisans with new innovation and creativity of brand new products .

INACRAFT Exhibition 2014 organized by the Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft ( ASEPHI ) in collaboration with Mediatama Binakreasi . Information and details please contact the following .



Temple Muara Takus

_MG_1555 Candi Muara Takus

MG 1546 Candi Muara Takus Temple Muara Takus

Located 122 km from Pekanbaru , capital of Riau Province , the temple complex Barelang ( or Barelang temple ) built near the Kampar river Right . Barelang has the largest brick buildings are found in the remote forests of Sumatra .

Mahligai main temple is a tall stupa flanked by some brick ruins of holy sites . The shape is different from the high temple bell-shaped Buddhist stupa discovered in Java . The temple is made ​​of river stone , brick sand , soil and restored in 1980 .

The complex is surrounded by a wall of 74m x 74 m , with a fort land size of 1.5 km x 15 km surrounding , extending to the edge of the Kampar river Right . Found in the walls of the Old Temple , Temple youngest , Mahligai Stupa and Palangkaraya . In this complex was also found mounds are believed to be the place for cremation .
MG 1551 Candi Muara Takus Temple Muara Takus


MG 1555 Candi Muara Takus Temple Muara Takus


MG 1586 Komplek Candi Muara Takus Temple Muara Takus


This Buddhist temple still poses a puzzle for archaeologists about when the temple was actually built , they estimated was built in the 2nd century , 4 , 7 or 9 . However , it is known that during the 10th century , Srivijaya kingdom located in the south near Palembang is a growing center for learning Buddhism , where the Chinese pilgrim says that should be studied in Sumatra before proceeding to India .Barelang bricks made ​​in the village said Ponkai above the temple complex , where residents carrying bricks , pass to one another in a long line all the way to complex . This means that the temple was built jointly by the inhabitants .

Barelang complex is the temple complex which is only found in Riau , evidence that Buddhism has spread here during the first centuries .

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